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I’m so excited to share our friends’ the Georges with you! I’ve had the privilege of photographing Helen Joy’s bridals, her and Noah’s wedding, Helen Joy’s maternity photos and now their whole family featuring their baby, Barclay!

We started off with Helen Joy and Barclay in the rocking chair that Noah’s mother rocked Noah in when he was a child, and Helen Joy wore the gown that her mother rocked in as a baby. There was a pretty field near their house at the bottom of the mountains in Hendersonville, NC. Helen Joy is a photographer herself in the Hendersonville area and beyond.



Barclay sat in the middle of the field with his little doggy. 🙂 The morning light provided awesome back lighting!


I call this “Baby Sneeze.” He he!


I had to get the business-man father and son picture. 🙂 Barclay’s father, Noah is an excellent Real Estate Broker with even a $1M+ house listing! Check out his website if you are looking for a home in the western North Carolina area.


And the whole family shots…



This wooden letter B hangs on Barclay’s bedroom door. We used it in Helen Joy’s maternity photos, and we felt compelled to use it again to make a cute photo. However, I don’t think you can raise the cuteness factor of Barclay any higher than he already is. 🙂


Helen Joy’s mother had a quilt that she was planning on giving to Goodwill, but Helen Joy asked her to keep it for Barclay. It was very cute and colorful for Barclay to play on!


Marissa and I enjoyed making silly noises and faces to make Barclay laugh and smile. Barclay and his parents were fun to very photograph! They are just a great family!

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2 responses to “The Georges | Family”

  1. Helen Joy says:

    I will treasure these for the rest of my life! Thank you so much Davey and Marissa.

  2. Jenny Blakely says:

    These are magnificent, Davey!! I love them!