Melissa and Steven | Wedding

Melissa and Steven got married at Holston Creek Baptist Church in Inman, SC.

We went behind the church in a field before the ceremony to get pictures of the groomsmen and bridesmaids. I loved the light background with the tall grass, the guys looked like models, doing poses and enjoying being in front of the camera.


Most of the bridesmaids are somehow involved with theater, like Melissa, so I wanted to incorporate their acting abilities in the pictures by using some of their fun expressions.


The flower girl was very precise to where she placed each flower petal. Everyone stared then started laughing. After she placed a few in the back, she decided she was finished and ran to the front of the Church.



Melissa walked in and Steven teared up and a few drops ran down his face. It was a very special moment. 🙂


Here is why Steven teared up…


After the ceremony Steven and Melissa left in a Red Bugatti! They rode to the reception in Spartanburg, SC at Cleveland Park. It was a gorgeous place! The park was landscaped beautifully with a bridge, gazebo, pond, creeks and even a railroad with a little train for kids to ride on! The building that the reception was held in was very pretty with a very high ceiling and a deck that went all the way around.


Melissa had to bring out some vintage cameras for her and Steven to play with, being a photographer herself.  She is excellent with children! Check out her blog.



Melissa also had to sport her Shoot Sac, something famous in the photography world because it offers a nice camera bag that looks fashionable too! It was created by one of the top 10 wedding photographers in world, Jessica Claire. Melissa loves it and swears by it!


Steven didn’t have a Shoot Sac to sport, so instead he sported his GQ poses 🙂


Steven and Melissa’s cake was really awesome! The topper was really cute and different. The cursive R on the front of the cake and ribbons to match the wedding colors were a nice touch also. It was neat how the cake alternated each layer between a circle and hexagon, a fun and artsy way to bring a bit of extra interest to the cake.


Everyone had a lot of fun dancing! The bridesmaids danced almost non-stop the whole time.


They left for their honeymoon through lots and lots of bubbles, something all the guests enjoyed, especially the kids.


Melissa and Steven’s wedding will be one that always sticks out in my memory. It meant so much that Melissa would choose me to photograph her wedding, being a photographer herself. Photographing another photographer’s wedding can make you a little nervous, but doing it has really improved my skills, and helped me become a better photographer.

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2 responses to “Melissa and Steven | Wedding”

  1. Leslie hendon says:

    Davey, these look AWESOME!!!
    Well done!

  2. Juanita Pesaro says:


    Great job on the pics!
    Love them all!