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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Before and after Robert and Becky’s wedding, we were able to travel all around Vermont! The Maffin’s were wonderful for letting us stay with them a few nights and the Fick’s booked a bed and breakfast for us at the Inn at Buck Hollow Farm for the rest of our stay! We toured around mostly the north and west side of Vermont.

The trees are from a field in Georgia (the town in Vermont not the state!) we passed by a few times. The church in the city is in downtown Burlington. There’s an amazing restaurant called Shanty on the Shore where there’s an amazing dish called Parmesan Calamari! The covered bridge is on Highway 108 in Stowe. The barn and field were in Fairfax. The flowers are at the Shelburne Museum, where we spent almost a whole day! The museum was started by Electra Webb and held everything from Monet paintings, carriages, Ansel Adams photographs, original toys from the 1800’s and early 1900’s, a lighthouse, covered bridge, round barn, and even a steam boat! It’s an antiquer’s dream! The old truck was outside a fun cider mill, where we stopped for cider donuts and souvenirs! The tower is at Shelburne Farms. The two waterfalls are Bingham Falls (bottom) and Moss Glen Falls (top) in Stowe. They were both less than 20 minute hikes.

Vermont Photographers | Davey Morgan Photography

The next few photos we took on our hike up Mount Mansfield, the tallest mountain in Vermont. This was nearing the top of the mountain.

Photos of Vermont | Davey Morgan Photography

Here’s a view from the top of Mount Mansfield. It was a gorgeous day to look out! It was so clear, you could see Lake Champlain and New York from where we were!

Mount Mansfield Photos | Davey Morgan Photography

The angle and vantage point I was taking this photo from, makes it look almost like I’m using a tilt-shift lens.

Photos of Mount Mansfield in Vermont | Davey Morgan Photography

I just loved the clouds, textures, contrast and shades of gray between the mountain tops!

Photos of Mount Mansfield in Vermont | Davey Morgan Photography

Here are a few paintings we saw at the Shelburne Museum from artists such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, and Edouard Manet! We were able to get right in front of these paintings. You could see the amazing details!

Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet Paintings | Davey Morgan Photography

It was a must that we visited the Ben and Jerry factory! My favorite flavor is Fossil Fuel and Marissa’s is Half Baked. We weren’t allowed to take pictures on the factory tour. They told us that there could be a Häagen-Dazs spy among us. He he!

Ben & Jerry's | Ben and Jerry's | Davey Morgan Photography

We had such an awesome time touring around Vermont looking at the beautiful scenery, meeting locals, and going to fun places! To see the rest of the photos click here.

The Georges | Family

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

I’m so excited to share our friends’ the Georges with you! I’ve had the privilege of photographing Helen Joy’s bridals, her and Noah’s wedding, Helen Joy’s maternity photos and now their whole family featuring their baby, Barclay!

We started off with Helen Joy and Barclay in the rocking chair that Noah’s mother rocked Noah in when he was a child, and Helen Joy wore the gown that her mother rocked in as a baby. There was a pretty field near their house at the bottom of the mountains in Hendersonville, NC. Helen Joy is a photographer herself in the Hendersonville area and beyond.



Barclay sat in the middle of the field with his little doggy. 🙂 The morning light provided awesome back lighting!


I call this “Baby Sneeze.” He he!


I had to get the business-man father and son picture. 🙂 Barclay’s father, Noah is an excellent Real Estate Broker with even a $1M+ house listing! Check out his website if you are looking for a home in the western North Carolina area.


And the whole family shots…



This wooden letter B hangs on Barclay’s bedroom door. We used it in Helen Joy’s maternity photos, and we felt compelled to use it again to make a cute photo. However, I don’t think you can raise the cuteness factor of Barclay any higher than he already is. 🙂


Helen Joy’s mother had a quilt that she was planning on giving to Goodwill, but Helen Joy asked her to keep it for Barclay. It was very cute and colorful for Barclay to play on!


Marissa and I enjoyed making silly noises and faces to make Barclay laugh and smile. Barclay and his parents were fun to very photograph! They are just a great family!