We started taking photos at Sky Top Orchard. It’s beautiful there when it snows!

Lindsey is such a trooper for wearing those shoes in the snow!

I love Lindsey’s look here. It’s so intense!

The next set of photos were taken at Bonclarken. We didn’t have much time here. The winter sun falls fast!

I just love the way the colors interact with each other! The sun was going down behind Lindsey, however the snow and the building beside her acted as natural reflectors and lit her up really well!

Lindsey’s red dress is really pretty. The sparkles that fade down the dress remind me of snow fall! What a perfect dress for the snow!

The tree was heavy and wet with snow and the branches dipped low.

That lamp post is awesome! But watch out for falling icicles!

We had so much fun even though it was freezing in the mountains! Lindsey could definitely be a model! Check out her senior photos we took in the fall here.

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