Davey and Marissa

Davey, Marissa, Ansel, and Harrison family picture

Davey, Marissa, Ansel (tan), and Harrison (gray)

Credit to God

First of all, we have to give credit to God for our amazing talents and fun job! Christ is important to us, and being able to use His gift to capture the joy and emotion of a moment is something we love being able to do! We aim to glorify God with our talent!

Husband + Wife Team

We've been full-time photographers for fifteen years! We love being able to work together, getting to travel, and meeting new people!

Experience and Accomplishments

Davey received a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art, concentrating in photography, from Erskine College. He worked as a photographer at Erskine College and for various newspapers and magazines. Davey has photographed many events and people and worked in every type of photographic situation. He gained knowledge and experience through it all.

Marissa admired photography since high school, and got the opportunity to take film photography at that time. She worked for Erskine College as a student photographer. She won 1st place in the Student Art Show and minored in art.

We have photographed 300+ weddings, countless people, children and families!

Being members of Professional Photographers of America helps us continuously develop our photography skills. Davey won first place in a Nikon photography contest for a wedding photo of groomsmen jumping in the air!

Our Style

Our photography is fun, colorful, bright and sharp! It's joy-filled and captures people's real emotions and personalities! We are creative and fresh with our photography! We enjoy weddings because we get to see so much happiness and joy in so many people. We love that our profession allows us to experience your joy through photographing your everyday moments or your wedding, being a part of your most important day, and capturing it as a timeless image to enjoy.

More About Us

We enjoy spending time with our families and friends, playing board games, having adventures on playgrounds, playing video games, and watching TV.

We love our two sweet boys named Ansel and Harrison!

Ansel loves to be silly, listen to music, play outdoors, play video games, build LEGOs and engineering kits, and cuddle with our cats.


Harrison plays choo choos together with Ansel. He loves swimming and creating intricate domino toppling designs, runs, and obstacles. Sometimes he gets our cats to assist.


We have a cat named Frankie who loves to chase strings and lasers, snuggle, and be mischievous.


Marissa loves animals. Her favorites are cheetahs and elephants, so we visit many zoos. She enjoys reading fantasy and Christian fiction books.

Davey enjoys music, playing instruments such as the guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and kalimba, as well as mountain biking and archery. He loves reading a wide range of comics, including Batman and Black Panther. Davey is a published writer and illustrator of children's books, comic books, and middle-grade books. He also creates custom illustrations for wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and pet portraits. Buy his books and view his illustration portfolio at Davey Morgan Illustration.

Associations, Certifications, and Licenses

Being members of these associations, we are able to further develop our photography skills and receive priority service from Nikon.
PPA (Professional Photographers of America), PPSC (Professional Photographers of South Carolina), and NPS association logos
Davey is CPR & AED certified.

Davey is an FAA certified Part 107 remote pilot, and is current with certification to fly at night commercialy.

Davey also has a State of North Carolina Department of Transportation UAS Commercial Operator Permit (NCO), European Union Aviation Safety Agency A1/A3 Open Sub Category Certificate, GDAC UA 375 Certificate, and UK Civil Aviation Authority flyer and operator ID. Davey is DroneUp certified.


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