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Drone and Aerial Photography


flight time 100hrs+ Flight Time | Number of awards 500+ Missions
Number of five (5) star reviews 740,000ft+ (140mi+) Total Accumulated Distance

We have logged many hours of numerous flights in various enviornmental conditions including day and night, diverse locales, urban and rural, indoor and outdoor, around structural, natural, and moving robotic and machine obstacles. We have piloted drones since 2013, including DJI, HolyStone, and Parrot brands. We currently use a variety of DJI drones.



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Aerial (drone)

Commercial and Residential Real Estate, $150/property
Farm and Land, $5/acre (10 acre minimum or $50 minimum)

We offer professional aerial photography with commercial quality close-ups, straight down views, and other bird's eye views.

2D Orthomosaic Mapping

$30/acre (5 acre minimum for $150 minimum)

+ Elevation, $30/map
+ Plant Health, $30/map

We provide 2D orthomosaic/orthographic mapping, including elevation and plant health, for use in agriculture, construction, landscaping, and real estate (commercial and residential).

Manned Aircraft

We are also available for manned aircraft flights such as planes and helicopters. This provides higher altitude aerial photography and the ability to produce high quality photos using a DSLR with a variety of lenses. Contact us for custom pricing.

License, Certification, Insurance, and Safety


Davey is an FAA certified Part 107 remote pilot, and is current with certification to fly at night.

Davey has a State of North Carolina Department of Transportation UAS Commercial Operator Permit.

We have drone liability insurance coverage up to $10 million and general equipment and liability insurance.

We use a visual observer, software, and various tools such as an anemometer for mission planning and monitoring flight conditions.

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