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Monika and Stefan are Married! {Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer}

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Monika and Stefan got married at the court house in Anderson, SC and then met me downtown Greenville, SC for a photo session! They called us the day before! I am glad we were available to take pictures!

Wedding Photographer in Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

Monika is an English professor at USC Upstate and Stefan designs windmill blades at GE!

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

I love their matching outfits and really love Monika’s dress and hair flower! They chose red since it correlates with her home country flag of Albania and his home country flag of Germany and the US flag where they live now!

Falls Park in Greenville, SC | Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

Greenville, SC Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

Monika said it hadn’t sunken in yet that they were married, that they were still in that daze! They had fun taking pictures and she said it made them feel like it was more official 🙂

Greenville, SC Falls Park Wedding | Davey Morgan Photography

Greenville, SC Couple Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

It started raining, so Monika and Stefan retreated under their matching umbrella!

Greenville, SC Husband and Wife Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

Greenville, SC Husband and Wife Photography Team | Davey Morgan Photography

couple kissing under umbrella picture | Davey Morgan Photography

Monika and Stefan’s wedding bands. Stefan also got Monika a bouquet of flowers and we laid out a few by their hands.

rings showing with hands on each others and flowers picture | Davey Morgan Photography

We sat the rings in the flowers too!

rings laying in flowers picture | Davey Morgan Photography

Congratulations Monika and Stefan! We hope you two have a wonderful married life together!

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Kaylee Levesque

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Kaylee Levesque is such a nice model to photograph! She’s really fun and has a gorgeous smile! She has been on the cover of LINK Magazine twice! How cool is that?!

I love Kaylee’s colorful top she has on!

You normally have to be very fit and have a lot of endurance to be a model, because you have to do a lot of jumping, posing, or even hiking to a beautiful location for a photo shoot.

The photographers have to be fit too so you can get cool pictures hanging from a tree or climbing on something. You have to get dirty also. I was laying in the mud and water to get this cool angle. 🙂 It’s so worth it though when you get an awesome photo!

I love the blues and greens complimenting each other, along with the earthy brown tones!

The light reflecting across Kaylee’s hair is really pretty!

Kaylee could be in a Levi commercial!

Drink Cocoa-Cola! Actually, Dr. Pepper is my favorite 🙂 It makes the world taste better! ;D

Kaylee has such a beautiful smile!

Kaylee was so fun to work with and was up for walking all over town for photos!