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Ting Ting and Frankie

Friday, July 15th, 2011

For Frankie’s second birthday we took the kittens out for a photoshoot. Frankie turned two years old on July 4th and Ting Ting will turn two on September 11th. We celebrate their birthdays on the day we adopted them, which turned out to be on two historical days, by coincidence!

Animal Photographer in Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

Ting Ting has grown up so much in the past two years! When we first adopted her she was very sick, but she was a brave girl and is all better now and very healthy. She has a lot of spunk and loves to play and get into all kinds of trouble! ūüôā

Greenville, SC Animal Photographers | Davey Morgan Photography

Frankie is 15lbs now! Its hard to believe he was a little 2lbs kitten when we first got him! He also used to have the cutest little smudge of black fur on the top of his head, but as he grew up the black furs went away, and now there is only one left!

Greenville, SC Pet Photographers | Davey Morgan Photography

Ting Ting has a really beautiful coat! One half her face is black/grey tabby and the other half is orange/cream tabby, the same for her front legs and her hind legs, but the rest of her body is the black/grey tabby with a few tortoiseshell splashes. We like to tease and say she couldn’t make up her mind what she wanted to be, a calico, a tabby, or a tortoiseshell, so she chose them all!

Pet Photographers in Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

When we take them out they’re actually wearing a harness and a leash, so we don’t loose them, and Marissa is wrangling both of them as they try to explore in various directions while we were taking photos.

Animal Photographers in Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

I love how you can see the curiosity in her eyes!

Cat Photographers in Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

What a handsome boy with his little bowtie!

Cat Pictures in Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

Frankie was getting tired after all that exploring!

Funny Cat Pictures | Davey Morgan Photography

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Frankie’s First Day in the Park

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Frankie is ten weeks old now! We got him when he was five weeks old. We call him Frankie, short for Frank Sinatra, because he actually sings. He goes “Meweeeeewwww Mew, Mew, la la laaaaaaaa.” For real! Sometimes he sounds like he is underwater. I thought he was mewing with his head underwater in his water bowl. Nope. He can just mew like he is underwater! He enjoyed his day in the park. We took him to the Rock Quarry Garden in Greenville, SC. He sniffed everything and wanted to go exploring in the bushes.


Marissa just had to put a little blue bow on him! Poor little guy!


At first he didn’t like his collar and leash. I think he knew that it was a ferret collar. We couldn’t find a kitten collar small enough. He got use to it after a bit.


I figured since he liked to explore we should stick him on the rocks in the middle of the water. He he! He didn’t think it was so fun and searched for a route of escape the very second he felt the water.


He did like the trees. He wanted to climb to the top of them. But then he began crying when he wanted back down!


It is very exciting having a kitten around the house! He does all sorts of goofy and crazy things. It’s funny when he starts attacking his tail! He looks at it like, “Hey! What are you doin’ followin’ me everywhere punk!” He has so much energy! And yet, he always has time for a nap! His solid white coat makes for interesting pictures. Sometimes the camera won’t focus because there is not enough contrast, so it makes fun practice! It can be very time consuming to get a cat to behave the way you want for pictures! Pet photographers have a very special talent!