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Kristen’s Bridals

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Kristen picked a beautiful location for her bridal photos! We went to the Irmo Town Park in Irmo, SC. There were hundreds of people actually there taking photos. It was one of those public parks that all of the high school kids go to and get their prom photos taken at. There were a few professional photographers and then tons of parents taking photos.

There were pretty trees and the sun was shining through the leaves, making them glow. It was great to frame Kristen with.


Kristen couldn’t stop laughing. She was laughing almost the whole time we were taking photos. I think she felt like she was on some bridal show runway, since there were a lot of high school students and their parents around. She got a lot of stares and people giving her compliments.


Kristen can easily change her look, to silly, fun or serious.


The pink flowers really complimented the colors of her lips and skin.




The sun was really lighting up the trees now.


However, clouds quickly started moving in, so we left to another location. We found a field on Amicks Ferry Rd in Chapin, SC. We had to take a few quick photos since the storm clouds were almost on top of us.


Here are a few details.


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