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Cory Godbey’s Alice

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I love going to art shows, especially when you don’t have to travel too far! There are a bunch of talented artists in the South Carolina Upstate, however, this is one of my favorite artists! I recently went to a Cory Godbey‘s art exhibit at the Art and Light Gallery, called Alice! The lighting and coloring Cory uses in his artwork is spectacular! It’s really magical and fits the Alice theme perfectly!

The paintings, prints and drawings are all based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland!

My favorite piece is “The Glass Table,” behind Cory.

The Glass Table, Alice in Wonderland, Cory Godbey | Davey Morgan Photography

I also love these pieces…

The Gryphon

The Gryphon, Alice in Wonderland, Cory Godbey | Davey Morgan Photography

I wish I hadn’t cried so much

I wish I hadn't cried so much, Alice in Wonderland, Cory Godbey | Davey Morgan Photography

While I was there, I bought Cory’s Alice sketchbook and he signed it for me!

Be sure to check out Cory’s website and store if you wish to purchase any artwork!

Cory is also one of the amazing artists that works with Portland Studios. Be sure to look at the fun animations and illustration they create!

All Rights Reserved for the artwork displayed, by Cory Godbey © 2010.

An Artist at Work

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

God is hard at work every day creating art work! Some of my favorite pieces are His sunrises!

Beautiful Sunrise | Copyright © God 2010

This one is my favorite!

Beautiful Sunrise | Copyright © God 2010

Beautiful Sunrise | Copyright © God 2010

Beautiful Sunrise | Copyright © God 2010

Beautiful Sunrise | Copyright © God 2010

Beautiful Sunrise | Copyright © God 2010

Click here to download for free the high resolution photos.

Nathan Tingle

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Nathan Tingle is a Nashville, TN musician. His style of music is a mix of Americana, old-school country-western, and rock. Nathan needed some new photos for promotional material.

Nathan loves black and white photography, so we took a few black and whites! I work more in color, my favorite, however black and white is tons of fun too! It creates so many different emotions!

Nashville, TN Musician Photographer

For promotional material, and in advertising, you have to take photos in mind with some “blank space” or space for editors and graphic designers to place text and information.

Nathan used an apple in a few photos, not only for the photos but for breakfast. That’s why it disappears later. He he!

Album Cover Artwork Photographer

Nashville, TN Photographer

The background was my favorite in this shot, especially in black and white!

Band Photographer Nashville, TN

Sweet Jacket!

Nashville, Tennessee Photographer

An old theater we went to was great for backgrounds.

Photographers in Nashville, TN

Photographers in Greenville, SC

Close-ups are fun to get details and really capture a person’s personality!

Black and White Photographer | Photography

An old abandoned house…

Photographer in Nashville, TN

I felt like we time traveled with this photo to the old’n days.

Photographer in Nashville, TN

Nathan was really good at posing and knowing how to look for photos, even though he’s only done a few photo shoots. We had a great time, and you should definitely check out some of his music!