Regina Spektor Concert!

Marissa, Drew, Charisse and I went to Regina Spektor‘s concert in Atlanta, GA at the Tabernacle! The traffic was crazy in Atlanta, I think because of the U2 concert the same night. We didn’t get to the show until 8:30, right before Regina went on. It was the first time I had been to the Tabernacle. It was a neat small venue.

Regina’s concert was awesome! She played tons of my favorite songs! I absolutely love her voice and what she can do with it! Her piano skills are awesome too! It was fun to see her hit the drumstick on the wooden school chair and to hear her sing a cappella! She smiled a lot at the crowd while performing songs. During the encore, she performed my favorite song, “Us“! It was really exciting and awesome!

We had to meet her after the concert! So we waited two and a half hours until she was leaving. She walked out and was surprised that there were about 20 or 30 hardcore fans still waiting to meet her! She walked down the railing talking to everyone that was there. There was a guy with her that would take pictures with fan’s cameras. That was really neat! I got to meet her and talk for a short minute and I gave her a cartoon poster that I illustrated of her with memories from her life. I researched for it by reading interviews and articles about her.

Regina Spektor | Davey Morgan Illustration & Design

The “Eet! Eet!” coming from her headphones is one of her songs. The two cities are Moscow, where she was born and NYC, where she now lives. The wooden sign has the Fifth Floor because she lived on a fifth floor apartment in NYC when she moved to the United States. The Lake is on there because when she was little, she thought she was going to live on a lake with a baby elephant, baby tiger and a monkey! That’s why they are in the illustration also. I thought it would just be fun if they were floating with the balloons. 🙂 She is also listening to her iPod out of a sock! When she got her iPod she would use a sock as a case and people would give her funny looks on the subway. I would too if someone pulled headphones out of a sock and seemed like they were listening to music. 🙂

Here we are with Regina! So awesome! She was so very nice in person! She even said I was talented for drawing the illustration! That’s pretty awesome coming from one of the most talented people in the world!

Regina Spektor | Atlanta, GA Photography

For those of you who like Regina and didn’t get to go to last night’s show, she is playing at the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium, November 17, in Asheville, NC. You can also see her full schedule on her MySpace page. She is definitely one of those musicians that you have to see in concert!