Alyssa Hardy

We wanted to capture Alyssa’s sweet and friendly personality in her bridal photos.

Photographer in Rock Hill, SC

Alyssa is a very vintage and classy girl!

Rock Hill Wedding Photographer

We took her first set of bridal photos at the Guardian Fidelity building in their ballroom. I found a piano bench in the building and brought it up for this photo.

Rock Hill Bridal Photos

This second set was at an old Victorian home with beautiful columns and woodwork. I just love the look of Victorian homes, all the curves, the diamond shapes on the roofs, very unique and perfect for bridal portraits.

Rock Hill, SC Bridal Portraits

Alyssa is an art major at Erskine College, mine and Marissa’s Alma Mater. She does amazing artwork!

Alyssa’s dress was made of silk! It was very beautiful, and we were extra careful to set a sheet under it so it wouldn’t get dirty, but Alyssa got a little excited about her pictures and walked right up onto the deck before we had set the sheet down!! Marissa took a dry towel and was able to get most of it off really quick and easy and set Alyssa at ease, so she was able to smile big and pose beautifully for these photos!

Rock Hill, SC Bridal Photographer

I just love the look her veil created here! It’s so delicate, with a little bit of mystery.

Rock Hill, SC Photographer

I love Alyssa’s smile here, it’s very elegant with the being held just a little, and kind of playful!

Wedding Photographer in Rock Hill, SC

Alyssa has gorgeous eyes! Just look at all the colors in them! And her blonde hair makes her look like a Swedish model!

Vintage House Bridal Portraits

What a beautiful smile!

Alyssa was nervous to have her bridal’s taken, however you can’t even tell in her photos. She did such a wonderful job and the photos turned out beautiful!

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