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Book Signing at Barnes and Noble

Saturday, April 17th, 2010

For those of you who don’t know, I’m an illustrator on the side! Photography and illustration are both passions of mine! I illustrated a book called Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair! It’s a picture book about a girl who spends the night at her grandmother’s and bats get into her room! It’s an exciting and fun book filled with silly little bats!

I had my first book signing at the Barnes and Noble on Haywood Rd in Greenville, SC last night! It was a lot of fun! The kids enjoyed coming up and grabbing the free bookmarks and candy! One mother and son came up and she picked up the book and said to her son, “Would you like this book?” The little boy shook his head rapidly up and down with a huge grin! It was cute! We met some interesting people and even a family from South Korea! I was able to say “nyoung ha seh yo” which means hello in Korean! I learned that from my friends, Haebin and Anthony and my trip to South Korea last year!

Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair | Children's book illustrated by Davey Morgan

Bookmarks that Marissa and I made!

Barnes and Noble on Haywood Rd, Greenville, SC

Me and Marissa!

Barnes and Noble Children's Books | Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair

Mmmm, Yorks and Air Heads! The adults liked the candy more than the kids! He he!

York Pepperment Patties | Air Heads | Bats in the Air, Bats in My Hair

The Barnes and Noble staff was so friendly and had set everything up for the book signing! Thanks for coming out everyone!

Be sure and pick up a signed copy of my book that they are carrying at the store. There are only about twenty left! You can also purchase the book online from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Books-A-Million and Borders!

Korea! 대한민국

Friday, June 19th, 2009

To start my blog, I want to share one of my most unique experiences as a photographer!

My wife, Marissa, and I traveled to South Korea to photograph Haebin & Anthony’s wedding! When we arrived, Haebin and Anthony gave us a tour of the small but amazing country! Our first stop was for some food! Airplane food didn’t fill me up for a 15 hour flight. Of course, bits of America were always around, even in a small country like South Korea. So we had some good KFC to start with.


However, we had to try some real authentic Korean cuisine. We cooked our own steak! Haebin fixed this awesome steak meal wrapped in spinach leaves. It was very spicy and hot, but very yummy!


We toured the city and a Korean mime/clown on stilts found us! More like, we saw him coming a mile away and he couldn’t even hide behind the banner. Anthony’s sister didn’t know what he was or what he was doing. She had never seen a person on stilts before! Imagine trying to explain that to someone. Needless to say, she was rather frightened when we first saw him. However, he made a balloon animal to make her happy!


We also got to see Gyeongbok Palace, a huge palace in Seoul. It was just like a scene from a movie.


Anthony and I had some fun being ninjas!


The girls unleashed their inner-tiger.


The lighting was very cool when we were at the palace so I asked Lauren to take a picture of me and Marissa.


I was amazed with the landscape, plant life and urban architecture. I thought it would be so cool to fit in some engagement and bridal photos the day before the wedding at some of these neat locations. We took some engagement photos at first. Then we sent Anthony away and Haebin pulled her wedding dress out of a bag! We took some bridal photos in a beautiful park in the city.

Check out the cool structure in the background!


You can tell Haebin and Anthony always have fun together!


They also have their sweet and peaceful moments resting in each others arms.


Haebin is blessed to have someone who can also be romantic in addition to funny and a lot of fun to be with.


And now for a quick change of clothes. Oh look, now she’s wearing a wedding dress 5 minutes later!



We took pictures in a quiet spot on this bridge… not really. It was bustling with school children, tourists and locals. We had to snap a picture or two in between everyone walking back and forth. Some people even came up and asked if she was a model while I was taking pictures . Watch out Korea’s Next Top Model!


This was the coolest gazebo I have ever seen! I loved all the colors!


Haebin and Anthony’s wedding was half traditional and half modern. It was very unique! There was a lot of bowing involved.


Anthony had to say his vows in Korean. That must have been hard to memorize!



Look at the happy newlyweds!


The traditional part of the wedding comes next. They like to bow many times.


After bowing, both sets of parents toss dates into a sheet and the newlyweds will catch them. They symbolize how many children the newlyweds will have.



Then the groom puts the dates in his mouth and the bride pulls them from his teeth. However, Anthony obviously didn’t know what was going on. He was surprised when the ladies were trying to put one in his mouth to help him out.


Now he’s got it!


The final thing to do is for the groom to carry the bride around on his back (not really, they were just having fun).


The traditional clothing was really awesome and colorful!


It was not only an honor to photograph and be a part of Haebin and Anthony’s wedding in Korea, we also got to photograph their wedding in the United States. It was a wonderful wedding on a beautiful lake! Here is a quick look at how full of joy they were during this wedding as well!