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David Proposes to Allyson! {Falls Park in Greenville, SC}

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Little did she know on this beautiful day in fall…

A walk in the park….

Coincidently running into friends…

Would turn into the best day of her life so far…


She said “Yes!” of course!

And a rose!


So giddy!

Family and friends hugging time!

Look at that ring!

David had been planning the proposal for months! He even made a map of where everyone was suppose to be to “accidentally” run into him and Allyson!

Everyone who had a part in the day (Garison, Tessa, and Louise missed the picture but played a huge role too!)

A photographer, Olivia White is doing a project “Love Is” and happened to be walking by with this sign! How cool!

We are so happy for you two, David and Allyson!

David and Allyson telling the story to everyone!

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