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Laurie and Justin | Doctor Who themed engagement

Monday, July 1st, 2013

We photographed a Doctor Who themed engagement session! You may be wondering what Doctor Who is? It is the longest running sci-fi TV show in history! It’s a British sci-fi TV show that started in the 60’s. I remember watching the show with my dad when I was little! If you want to watch the show yourself, Doctor Who is available on Netflix and DVD.

So this is how it goes… The Doctor, is an alien (time lord to be specific) that travels around in a TARDIS, a time-traveling spaceship! The TARDIS is disguised as an old British police box and is stuck that way since the chameleon circuit (a cloaking device) broke. The Doctor travels with his companions such a Rose Tyler, around the universe in space and time, saving people, whole civilizations, and fixes any wrongs. The Doctor encounters many foes along the way and using his wit, sonic screwdriver, companions (such as Rose Tyler), and the TARDIS, can accomplish anything. Also the Doctor doesn’t die, but regenerates into a new person and is replaced with a new actor in the TV show. The show is currently on it’s 11th doctor. Laurie and Justin portray Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) and the 10th Doctor (played by actor, David Tennant). They chose to do a Doctor Who themed engagement session because it is their favorite show, and is something that is special that they enjoy together.

Doctor Who visits Greenville, SC!


“Uh, oh!” – Rose

“I really am an expert at flying the TARDIS!” – The Doctor





“I think you will like where we landed!” – The Doctor


“Did anyone notice us?” – Rose















Laurie’s ring and the sonic screwdriver.


“We must save Greenville from destruction! Allon-sy!” – The Doctor












Laurie’s dad, Dennis, built the TARDIS from scratch! He modeled it after the 10th doctor’s TARDIS. It looked so amazing! Dennis designed it so well that the lights work and everything!


The TARDIS gathered a lot of attention from people in the park. Quite a few people stopped for pictures posing with and inside the TARDIS! One fan of the show was even carrying a sonic screwdriver with her! How cool is that?!

We were attracting so much attention that the Greenville News even came out, filmed us taking pictures, and interviewed Laurie and Justin! Click this link to watch the video!

Here’s a preview from their wedding! Of course, the TARDIS made an appearance.


Grammy-Winner Yonrico Scott!

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

I had the privilege of photographing Grammy-winner Yonrico Scott, longtime drummer with the Derek Trucks Band! The Yonrico Scott Band has been recording a their new album at Sit-N-Spin Recording Studios. Matt Morgan, my brother, is the partner and creative director of Sit-N-Spin Studios. Scott, recording at Sit-N-Spin has brought a lot of attention to the Greenville, SC music scene. Greenville is hoping that the music scene will continue to grow with such talented and well known artists coming through to record and perform. This has been brought to attention through an article in the Greenville News and a video segment on Fox Carolina!

The article was on the cover of the Lifestyle section of the February 18, 2010 issue of The Greenville News. Be sure to read the article online!

Here is the segment from Fox Carolina News.

Check out Yonrico’s drums. The artwork is really awesome!

There were a lot of instruments in there!

Take a look into a typical day of a recording session…

Kofi Burbridge, can really get into a vibe on the keyboard and the flute. Once he gets going, you can’t stop him!

It’s rare to find Todd Smallie not smiling or having fun playing guitar.

Alex Vieira, left, studio engineer and Mace Hibbard, on saxophone and mastermind song writer are checking some sounds.

The extremely talented and Grammy-winner, Yonrico Scott, is jamming on his drums.

Matt Morgan, partner and creative director of Sit-N-Spin Studios, was working hard on the board.

Morgan not only has a recording studio, but is a musician himself and has been in bands such as The Lackies and Seconds Flat. He also won 2nd place for Best Instrumentalist in the Upstate Music Awards, topping Edwin McCain in 3rd place.

Here is the whole crew! (From left, Mace Hibbard, Yonrico Scott, Alex Vieira, Todd Smallie, Matt Morgan and Kofi Burbridge)

I had a lot of fun photographing Yonrico and everyone else during their recording session! It was really neat to see how it is recording such talented musicians.

Besides being laid back and really nice, they just love to play music!

They even signed a copy of the photo above! How cool is that?!

If you haven’t listened to the Derek Trucks Band or The Yonrico Scott Band, be sure to check them out now! If you need any recording done, be sure to check out Sit-N-Spin Studios or give them a call at 864-414-4855. They have awesome pricing even though they record people like Grammy-winner Yonrico Scott!