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Susie and David | Engagement

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Susie and David are engaged! Susie has been one of Marissa’s best friends since middle school! She was so excited to hear Susie and David were engaged!Chapin, SC

We took the photos at some of Susie’s family’s land, Tanglewood, in Chapin, SC. Susie and Marissa had a lot of fun at Tanglewood growing up! Susie’s dad was the best boat driver when tubing on Lake Murray!2


They look so happy together!4





Susie and David attended school at UNC, Go Tar Heels!9

Look at that gorgeous ring! David sure did a good job!10





Nothing like a romantic stroll in a boat!15








Susie and David are ready to jump into one of life’s biggest adventures together!23

24Congratulations Susie and David, we are so happy for you two! We can’t wait for your wedding in the spring!

Guide | Choosing the perfect ring

Saturday, September 15th, 2012

I had a lot of fun picking out Marissa’s ring! Choosing an engagement ring is always a significant process, whether you are looking to pick out that perfect ring for your fiancé, or you are helping with the selection process of your own ring. Naturally, engagement rings are very special pieces of jewelry, but they are also all unique and different from one another, which means that the selection process is all about finding something that perfectly suits the woman who will be wearing the ring. Many people do not actually realize until they start this process just how many options there are, and how many little details can be chosen and customized within a single ring. So with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to go about picking the perfect engagement ring!

The first and broadest tip worth considering is to think about shopping for an engagement ring online. Of course there are always going to be stores in local malls and shopping centers with plenty of nice engagement rings on display, but you will almost always find a bigger and better selection online, and you may also find that you have more options when it comes to customization.

Something else you may want to consider as you start trying to find the perfect ring is that much like other pieces of fashion and style, engagement rings do run according to trends. This is not to say that you have to simply do whatever is most popular, but knowing a few of the recent trends in engagement rings may help you to narrow down your decisions. For example, in recent years there have been a few major trends when it comes to the style of these rings. One trend is that vintage styles for engagement ring have been very popular; another is that many couples are starting to use alternative stones, such as sapphires, emeralds, etc. in engagement rings, rather than the more classic and traditional diamonds. Even if you or your significant other would not typically trend toward these types of options, understanding what’s popular can help you to get ideas as you select your ring.

Ultimately, the selection will depend mostly upon your own personal taste and that of your significant other. In everything from the color of the band, to the style of the ring, to the type of stone used, you have many options to consider. With the right amount of planning and attention, you can be sure that your engagement ring will be both unique and beautiful.

Here are some of the beautiful rings we’ve photographed! These are only a few of many different types of rings available.

Kari and Sprinkle are Engaged!

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Kari and Matt (also known as Sprinkle) are engaged! We took their engagement photos on one of their beautiful family farms!

Engagement Pictures in Nature | Davey Morgan Photography

It was fun to be taking ‘official’ engagement pictures! I took a few when after hiding in the bushes to get the proposal!

Greenville, SC Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

Sprinkle and Kari both graduated from North Greenville University this year!

Laurens, SC Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

Kissing cheek engagement picture | Davey Morgan Photography

They are sooo excited to be getting married this summer!

Engagement Photo | Davey Morgan Photography

Engagement pictures on a farm | Davey Morgan Photography

Engagement pictures leaning on a fence | Davey Morgan Photography

Look at Kari’s sapphire ring! Isn’t it pretty?!

Engagement pictures with classic coca-cola glass bottle | Davey Morgan Photography

Kari and Sprinkle always have so much fun together! God matched them up perfectly!

Engagement pictures drinking classic coca-cola | Davey Morgan Photography

Kari was laughing because Sprinkle was blowing bubbles into the Coke!

Couple drinking classic coca-cola | Davey Morgan Photography

The farm was beautiful with old wooden fences, fun trees, old tractors and horses!

Engagement Photographer in Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

Ooo, la, la!

Couple kissing behind photo booth hearts | Davey Morgan Photography

Picture of Engaged couple | Davey Morgan Photography

Kari has gorgeous eyes and eyelashes!

Close-up Picture of Engaged couple | Davey Morgan Photography

Engaged couple walking down dirt road | Davey Morgan Photography

Look at this old Ford tractor! I love the old rusted parts! It just sits there on the farm and is no longer in use.

engagement pictures on a farm tractor | Davey Morgan Photography

engagement pictures in front of a farm tractor | Davey Morgan Photography

Kari wanted a fun kissing silhouette in the barn! Very classic!

engagement picture silhouette in a red barn  | Davey Morgan Photography

Sprinkle makes a better model than Derek Zoolander! Don’t you think?

red barn engagement picture of a photographer  | Davey Morgan Photography

Kari is actually an awesome photographer herself! Check out her website here and become a fan on her Facebook Page here!

red barn engagement picture of a photographer  | Davey Morgan Photography

red barn engagement picture of a photographer with a pentax camera  | Davey Morgan Photography

Woah, now they are pirates!

pirate themed engagement picture in front of a red barn  | Davey Morgan Photography

Can you wiggle your mustache like this?

Photo booth mustache on engaged couple | Davey Morgan Photography

I hope you enjoy their engagement pictures, because we had so much fun taking them!

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