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Megan and Craig | Engagement

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Megan and Craig are engaged now! Craig proposed to Megan up at Bonclarken, in Flat Rock, NC. Megan spent many summers there at camps growing up and then shared the experience with Craig working as counselors at Camp Joy.

Craig lives in Greenville so we went over to a few parks around downtown.



There was an awesome tree, with red peeling bark, that we had to take photos in front of.


Megan is from Gastonia where they make the awesome soda, Sun Drop. We went into the Mast General Store downtown and picked up some Sun Drops.


There is a rose garden at the top of Cleveland St. that is really pretty. It was especially pretty because the sun was going down right behind us. I love getting shots with some leaves in them, it makes the scene look a little more like a special secret moment in a fairy tale.


We had to get pictures in front of the sculpture at Falls Park, because it carries some fun significance to their relationship. Craig took Megan on a date in downtown Greenville, and they took a stroll around the park. When they came to the art piece, Craig, ever the chemistry nerd, asked “What does that look like to you?” Megan, the innocent school teacher said, “a child playing in the park.” The next part really defines their relationship, and tells how fun they really are…Craig spelled out, somewhat boisterously, “W-R-O-N-G, wrong! It’s a 2,3-dimethyl butane!” which is an organic chemical name, that most of us wouldn’t recognize. 🙂  It’s a story their friends have heard countless times, and now refer to that sculpture as the “W-R-O-N-G” sculpture, or, for those of us able to remember, “2,3- dimethyl butane” sculpture. Either way, it provides a unique place with a unique name, and a fun story, that will always make you laugh, and most importantly, a special place for pictures!