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Jessi Frazier | Bridal

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

Jessi has such sparkling eyes!

Beautiful details on her dress!

We took Jessi’s bridal pictures on the Erskine College campus!

Amazing shoes!

We took pictures at Euphie Hall, belonging to the Euphemian Literary Society. Jessi was a member of the Euphemian Littler Sisters!

I love the lines and texture of the veil on Jessi’s face!

Her ring sparkled with the sun hitting it!

We had to show off the cute shoes!

We found a field nearby that Jessi played around in! Jessi has a resemblance to actress, Scarlett Johansson!

Jessi is such a fun person and is very beautiful!

View the full gallery here.

Kendal Bowers | Bridal

Friday, May 18th, 2012

We took Kendal’s bridals in Chapin, SC on some family land! It was a gorgeous field. I love the red flowers in it!

Kendal has such gorgeous eyes! They remind me of gemstones!

I love the way the veil looks in this photo.

Her flowers were so pretty! I love the burlap that she had wrapped around them, very unique and earthy.

Her dress was so beautiful! I love the sweetheart neckline, very feminine and flattering!

What a beautiful engagement ring! Penn did an awesome job!

Old barn wood looks so cool in black and white!

There’s those eyes again!! Man! They’re amazing! I also love the bright pink lipstick, very cute!

Kendal played soccer at Erskine College! This was a must have photo!

Her dress was pretty poofy, so it made it a little difficult to pick it up to walk around, but she handled it like a pro! Click here to view, order or download the rest of the photos.

Anna Godfrey

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Anna Tyndall Godfrey

We love taking pictures in nature! There’s something special and timeless about it!

Everything is starting to turn green and flowers are blooming!

Anna has a white dress! You don’t see too many. Most are ivory. Her’s is so beautiful!

I love the flowers on the waist!

Anna is so beautiful!

I love it when the leafs on trees are real tiny, starting to spring through! Anna has such a wonderful smile!

These flowers are awesome!

Look at Anna’s eyes!

I love playing with the sun and lighting!

Her ring!

We went walking through a fun field!


Click here to view, order or download the rest of the photos.