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Amber Funk and Jimmy Hotz are Engaged!

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

Amber and Jimmy are getting married January 1, 2011! We went to one of Greenville’s least well-known spots to take photos, the Rock Quarry Garden! It’s so beautiful there! We photographed a wedding there before!

Greenville, SC Engagement Photos | Davey Morgan Photography

I love how Amber is looking adoringly at Jimmy!

Wedding Photographer in Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

Jimmy’s a goofy and fun guy! Amber is really sweet!

Rock Quarry Garden Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

The stone bridge is very unique. You don’t see many like it. Jimmy and Amber were having a lot of fun taking photos on it!

Greenville, SC Rock Quarry Garden | Davey Morgan Photography

I like how the light was streaking through the trees!

Greenville, SC Parks | Davey Morgan Photography

Park Downtown Greenville, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

Amber and Jimmy are great at making each other laugh! They are very fun to be around!

Couple Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

Of course, Jimmy loved doing the kissing pictures the best! 🙂

Pictures of Rock Quarry Garden | Greenville, SC

We had fun taking pictures of you guys and can’t wait ’till your wedding! To see the rest of the photos click here.