Rachel and Adam are married! {wedding}

Rachel’s dress with beautiful flower designs!

Rachel and Adam were married at St. Luke’s Chapel at MUSC in Charleston, SC!

Rachel and her lovely bridesmaids!

So bright and vibrant!

I loved this spot with the trees and hanging Spanish Moss!

Adam is a C-17 pilot in the United States Air Force!

The ring bearer and flower girl said “cheese” all the way down the aisle. It was really cute!

The inside of the chapel is amazing! I love the ceiling!

A moment of prayer!

As tradition, a saber arch was formed. They paused for a moment for a kiss.

One of the saber bearers gave Rachel a slap on the rear with his saber 🙂

All of the saber bearers with Rachel and Adam!

So silly!

Charleston has so many fun brick walls and old trees! It’s a wonderful place to visit!

Rachel pulled out a saber to cut the cake and I don’t think Adam quite trusted her with the saber 😉

Adam was very excited when he saw the garter! It said “remove before flight.” It was made out of a ‘remove before flight’ found in aircrafts! How cool?!

The whole crew!

The toasts were priceless!

Noisemakers! It was very loud since the sounds bounced off the walls and floor!

High fives as they left!

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