David, Lara, Jack, and Julianne!

David is one year old now, and more cute than ever!

David is one of those very happy babies!

David is an expert walker, with a little help from mommy 😉

Look at that amazing balance!

David’s true talent is crawling!

And he is very good at clapping too!

David’s cousins, Jack (from left), Lara and Julianne!

Tickle fight!

Julianne is 3, Jack is 8 and Lara is 10!

Wow! Look how hight they can jump!

Look at all of their shoes!

There David goes again crawling off and exploring!

Such pretty baby eyes!

Grandfather jumped in for a few pictures!

Julianne is a ballerina extraordinaire!

The flower she picked matches her dress!

David loves cars, just like I did when I was little!

Giraffe’s are fun!

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