Allyson and David are Engaged!

Allyson and David are engaged!

They really love the Pixar movie, Up! So they decided to theme their engagement photos after the movie! They did an amazing job making props!

David gets his grape soda badge!

Allyson’s beautiful ring on their badges!

I wonder what sort of adventures David and Allyson will go on together?

Off to a picnic…

Tickets to find Paradise Falls!

Saving up for their trip to Lincoln City, Oregon! 🙂

Ellie, in the movie, always had her Kodak Brownie with her taking pictures.

Pictures of Allyson and David when they were younger.

David and Allyson are going to actually use this mailbox when they get a house! So fun!

Off to work dear…

David and Allyson have so much love for each other!

The yellow butterfly happened to fly by right when I took this photo!

Allyson and David built the house from the movie!

So many colors!

David and Allyson are so cute!

Up, up, and away!

We also took some natural engagement photos.


Black and whites just say it all sometimes!

1 Corinthians 13:7

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