Macy and Barry are married! {Greenwood, SC Wedding Photographer}

Rev. Bryan Bult married Macy and Barry at the Greenwood ARP Church!

We loved the flowers on the strap that went from the front to the back of the dress!

Macy had a gorgeous bouquet!

Her garter was made from her grandfather’s WWII parachute! How cool is that?! Her mother’s garter was also made out of the same parachute!

Look at their beautiful rings!

Macy and her lovely bridesmaids!

Such pretty smiles!

The wires in the bouquets were really neat!

This was such an amazing warm and perfect day for January! You couldn’t tell it was in the middle of winter!

So pretty!

Barry and his guys were looking snazzy!

They are a bunch of goofballs too!

Marriage, a wonderful institution established by God!


Oh yes, the Star Wars soundtrack is the music the bridal party left to. Everyone thought it was hilarious!

Silly people!

This was looking through a cross window on a door in the foyer!

It was a great sunset!

They are so happy to be married!

Yummy cake!

So many family and friends came to support them and celebrate Macy’s and Barry’s marriage!

The Erskine College crew!


Congratulations Macy and Barry!

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