Cynthia Blose

Cynthia is a senior at Riverside High School! This senior photo session, we focus more on just Cynthia! She has a beautiful smile, pretty eyes, and wonderful hair!

Green is my favorite color!

Senior Photos

Cool ring and earrings!

Senior Photographer

Greenville, SC Photographer

Superb laugh! Black and white laughs are so classic!

Cynthia Blose Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait Photographer

We took this in the brick pavilion behind the Peace Center, downtown Greenville, SC! It’s a favorite photo spot for many people!

South Carolina Senior Photographer

I love how the gray floor became a natural reflector and bounced the sunlight back onto Cynthia and lit up her skin!

Greer, SC Photographer

I love the reflections in Cynthia’s eyes! She also has a beautiful peaceful look!

Cynthia Blose Senior Portraits

What a wonderful smile!

Senior Portrait Photographer in Greenville, SC

Fun, red shoes! I have noticed with my wife and some of her friends that it is really important to have a pair of really fun, awesome, red shoes? Must be a girl thing.

Senior Portrait Photographer in Greenville, SC

I love photos with people staring off into the distance!

Senior Portrait Photographer in Greenville, SC

Cynthia was fun to photograph, and did so well at posing, and laughed so much!

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