February issue of Fête magazine | Astrophotography

I’m honored to have taken the cover photo of the February issue of Fête magazine! Jay Spivey, Matt Morgan, and I went to the Charles E. Daniel Observatory at the Roper Mountain Science Center to photograph the moon! It was so fun watching the giant 23″ telescope move around and being able to see our moon, Jupiter, and it’s two moons! It was a breathtaking experience to see God’s wonderful creations up-close!

Thank you Charles St. Lucas and Doug Gegen for all of your help and letting us take pictures through the amazing telescopes!

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Ever since I was very little, I wanted to grow up and be an astronaut! God’s blessed me with the next best thing, being able to take photographs of His amazing creations! You can photograph the moon and other celestial objects as well! Read my how-to article on page 19 of the February issue of Fête magazine! I used my home telescope (Meade RB-60) to take pictures of of the moon, Jupiter, and the International Space Station that you see on page 19! Jay Spivey also wrote a fun article about the telescope and observatory on page 18!