Favorites of 2012!

God blessed us with a wonderful year of photography in 2012! We enjoyed every bit of it! We want to share with everyone some of our favorites from 2012! It’s very hard to pick from more than 25,000 photos just from 2012! We managed to narrow down our favorites to about 60. We have a few categories from our portrait sessions and weddings from 2012.


We discovered that 2012 was the year of the bridal for us! We had so many fun bridal photo sessions! Rachel Hill needs to be a model! She wanted a vintage themed bridal session to match her wedding. She’s so beautiful, and we loved her vintage dress and bird cage veil! We took her bridals on the Furman University campus. We started in the Cherrydale Alumni house and then moved over to the Daniel Chapel and some beautiful spots around campus.




This is completely Rachel’s fun personality here!


Emily Walters is absolutely stunning! That’s all I have to say.


Sarah’s bridals were taken at the Fort Dorchester State Park and another location nearby. Sarah has a beautiful complexion and beautiful lips!


We loved her vintage parasol!


We love field pictures! They are my favorite! I was so ecstatic when we found this field for Christina’s bridals! Not only was it a beautiful grassy field near North Carolina. It’s filled with very tall grass to walk through! The weather this day was perfect and the sun was beautiful!


Drop dead gorgeous!


Look at Christina’s long veil!


We go back in the day to Kendal, hew and Marissa grew up in high school and church together, and she attended Erskine College with us! She played soccer at Erskine, so it was fitting that she got a picture with a soccer ball and cleats for coach!



These are fun photos to take because you get to capture the love that a couple has for each other! We took Brad and Becca’s engagements at Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet and on the beach.




I love the reflection in the wet sand!


Anna and Eddie are great friends of ours! Anna is so sweet, she comes from a wonderful family that we cherish as great friends too! Eddie is fun to go off-roading with and can tell you anything about a car or truck! Eddie has Irish ancestry, so he always wears his three leaf clover.


I was in the Euphemian Literary Society at Erskine with Scott at Erskine College and Jessi was friends with us at Erskine also. Scott along with his brothers are awesome musicians.


My cousin, Abby and Richard will be getting married this summer! We are very happy for Abby to of found Richard! They are a perfect match!


Our friends Allyson and David decided to do an UP (Pixar movie) themed engagement session! Sometimes we will do themed sessions and this one was so much fun! They had balloons, a miniature house, the mailbox, and many other props from the movie!


Sam played basketball at Erskine College! Sam and Christina were married just recently. Their wedding was beautiful and many people had tears falling because it was so special and such a happy day! We took their engagement photos at Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville, SC.


I think Sam has a shoe for every occasion. This time, to match his and Christina’s outfits, and their Save the Date sign.


Families, Children, and Babies

When we aren’t photographing weddings, we are taking pictures of families, children, and babies! We love meeting new people all of the time! We meet so many unique and fun people!

Jennings, one of the groomsmen in our own wedding, and Susan had a baby girl, Catherine, this year!


Here is before little Catherine was born! Jennings and Susan are holding Catherine’s ultrasounds on a little ribbon.




Amanda and some other Erskine College alumni met up one day, downtown Greenville. I had fun meeting up with them, taking their pictures, and pictures of all of their children.


Anna Catherine and Avery were so precious in their white dresses. They loved watching the ducks swim around the lake at Furman.


My roommate in college, Matt, and his wife, Stephanie, have a little boy named Sam. He loves trains and is wearing his train conductor hat. We traveled up to Blowing Rock, NC, to a park to take pictures of the three of them. Little Sam is so precious!


3yr old Jack was thrilled more than any other kid I’ve seen playing with leaves! He was having so much fun! I was excited to of captured that with him throwing leaves up into the air!


Kara and Meg love playing in their backyard and running through a field! They are the best of friends!


Brianne and Chris have such beautiful children! Adrianna and Victoria gave Pearson a kiss on her cheeks, they giggled, and were full of joy and fun the whole time!


We also had fun at tea-time, story-time, and putting on makeup! This is our most favorite weeping willow tree that we have ever seen!


Okay, so have you heard of the legendary photogenic Barclay!? Yep, you can’t take a bad picture of this little guy, his chubby cheeks and long blonde hair! He is full of personality!


Barclay’s mother, Helen Joy is a photographer also!


Lindsey is one of our talented photographer friends! She was pregnant with baby Makynli early this year and Makynli was born a healthy baby girl! Marissa always comes up with cute ideas like this scarf bow around Lindsey’s belly! I love purple for maternity photos!


Lindsey is so very beautiful! She has a natural beauty, even when she is pregnant! Maternity pictures are one of our favorite type of photo sessions. It’s such a special time in life! New life, a creation from God is being brought into this world! I believe it’s very important to capture this moment!


Fashion and Seniors

Our friend Brittany, is a cake artist! Check out her website and Facebook page! Brittany made my brother’s wedding cake! It was extremely yummy! Brittany is very photogenic! She has such beautiful hair!



I loved the dramatic lighting we achieved for Emily’s fashion session!


She has amazing legs! We were going for the Mad Men look here!


Senior pictures are fun! You get to pose seniors and they always have fun outfits!


Zane loves to play golf! We like to incorporate hobbies or different things that seniors are passionate about in their photo sessions.


Madison is a beautiful actress! We always have fun taking pictures for her portfolio. She has done various onscreen work, including the TV show, Homeland!


Morgan has a fun first name 🙂 I always love playing with light and backlighting people. I love for pictures to glow!


Sarah Beth is another senior I really enjoyed photographing! Sarah Beth’s beautiful eyes are piercing, in this black and white photo of her!



This category is different than the normal people photographs. Marissa comes up with unique and fun ideas for rings! We take ring pictures during family, baby, bridal, and engagement sessions, in addition to weddings.

Marissa put Kelsea’s and Max’s rings from their wedding on the hood of Max’s dad’s Oldsmobile 442.


Rachel’s ring is gorgeous in black and white!


For Steven and Melissa’s day after session, we took pictures of their rings on a lake dock during sunset!


Marissa found an interesting surface for Jamie’s and Landon’s rings. I love the way you can see Jamie’s rings through Landon’s!


Rachel and Keith’s rings on flowers. Marissa loves putting the rings on the bridal bouquet.


Erin loves to play the guitar, so we propped up her’s and Matt’s rings on a guitar! This was a very tricky photo since a guitar is flat and the diamond made Erin’s ring top-heavy. You will have to ask us how we pulled this one off! 🙂



Weddings are such wonderful days filled with so much joy and happiness! They are a wonderful experience!

This wedding cake was from Sarah’s and Ryan’s wedding in Charleston, SC! The sun was coming perfectly through the trees and this beautiful day!


This is the best expression we’ve seen from a ‘First Look!’ Penn was so surprised and in aw of Kendal’s beauty!


Kendal and Penn were just so happy on their wedding day!


One style of photo we like to get is with the people small or in a tiny corner of the picture with nature or a scene completely taking over the rest of the space in the picture.


Kendal and Penn’s bridal party were so fun and photogenic!


At Abbey and Brian’s wedding, we were walking with the bridesmaids to the wedding site down a sandy road in the Charleston area, and the flower girl was leading the way! Everyone had such beautiful dresses and shoes!


This was a touching moment for Kelsea, Max, and his dad! I love how Max’s dad has his hand on his shoulder!


Soctt and Jessi’s wedding was in a beautiful chapel on the Erskine College & Seminary campus. The stained glass windows are amazing! This was a fun silhouette to take!


At the First ARP Church in Greenwood, SC there is a door with a cross window at the back of the sanctuary. Macy and Barry kissed at the front of the sanctuary while I captured this! The striking red carpet was a fun addition!


We were thrilled to photograph Emily and Anthony’s wedding! There was a beautiful Chinese Tea Ceremony the morning of their wedding. Anthony is a Marine, so we thought it would be cute for Emily to wear his hat for a dipped kissing picture!


Old brick walls are so fun! Anna and Eddie were married downtown Greer, SC.


Have you noticed we love greenery, talls grass, trees, and dipped kissing pictures?! 🙂 This was such a fun picture of Keith and Rachel!


Our Favorites!

What’s harder than picking 60 pictures out of 25,000+?! Picking our favorite portrait session and favorite wedding! So here it is…

Favorite Portrait Session

The Lynch family. Brianne, Chris, Adrianna, Pearson, and Victoria (March 27, 2012, Furman University, Greenville, SC)

This is just a perfect moment that captures the girls personalities, shows the love they have for each other, and the joy that God has given them! This is why we take pictures; to capture moments, personalities, and joy like this!


Favorite Wedding

Kendal and Penn Bowers (May 12, 2012, Chapin Presbyterian Church, Chapin, SC)

Penn’s expression was absolutely priceless!


Of course there were thousands of other spectacular moment that we’ve captured over the past year, to view them just peruse through our blog! We loved each and every photo session this year! It was filled with wonderful moments and lots of fun, thank you so much everyone for letting us share in these special memories with you! We hope you have a fantastic New Year!