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Snapsort: Find the perfect camera!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

People are always asking us for camera advice, which camera is better than another and such. We are always looking for ways to help people out.

A website called Snapsort is an amazing website that compares cameras and allows you to research cameras in depth, both point-n-shoots/digicams and DSLRs. We think anyone can greatly benefit from this website, from beginners to pros! It has the detailed specifications pros are looking for and breaks down the technical jargon for beginners, or sometimes even for pros! He, he!

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There is an explore mode on Snapsort that allows you to specify certain criteria you are looking for such as price, image quality, and even true resolution. True resolution is great because manufactures list high megapixels to try and make the sell to the consumer, however Snapsort uses sensor specifications to give you a true resolution!


The camera vs camera comparisons are my favorite! They list reasons to consider ‘Camera A’ over ‘Camera B’ and vice versa. Not only does it give you the technical differences, it has descriptions or explanations of  the technical jargon. Snapsort gives a score at the end of the review to sum up the differences between the two cameras. It lists competitors as well so you can find similar cameras that might better fit you.

Just Tell Me

You can specify the most amount of money you want to spend on a camera and Snapsort will give you recommendations!

Top Digital Cameras

This will give you listings of cameras based on order of the best, the cheapest, the latest and many other categories for each brand name.

Other Helpful Tools

Snapsort could improve their site by making ‘Learn’ a main menu item at the top, however it is visible on the front page near the top. It is very useful for someone who wants to learn the technical jargon of cameras! It talks about everything from image stabilization, ISO, to RAW format.

In the top right corner of you will find a search box where you can type in a camera you have or are interested in purchasing to find out so much information about it, from specs to the final score! Also when you are looking at a camera you can choose the ‘best prices’ option at the top of the page to give you price comparisons between different dealers such as, Best Buy, B&H Photo Video and more. This is very important so you can save a lot of money!

At the bottom of the site you will find a link to the blog (which they could improve by placing a link in the main menu in addition to the ‘learn’ section). In the blog you will find great tips and other useful information to further your photography and camera knowledge.

Hopefully Snapsort will soon add medium format digital cameras such as Hasselblad and Mamiya cameras! That would be a really awesome feature to compare those cameras against other DSLRs! | Lens Hero

Lens Hero

It’s also important once you pick that camera if it’s a DSLR, to find that perfect lens for your lifestyle or subject(s). Lens Hero is a sister site to Snapsort that provides information and comparisons for lenses from different manufacturers.

You can pick your camera so it will show only lenses that work with it, then break it down further by price and by style, zoom or suggest. The different styles vary from close-up, portrait, sports, landscape, low light and more.



Be sure to check out Snapsort and Lens Hero.