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Emily Sapier

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Emily Sapier is full of energy! That’s exactly what you need to have to be a great model! You have to go all over the place and do a lot to be a great model! It’s a high-energy career!

We went to Landrum, SC for this fashion shoot.

Emily is so friendly! Being friendly helps the mood of the photo shoot and helps the photographer be more inspired! Check out Emily’s amazing smile!

I love big frame glasses!

The sun was setting perfectly behind Emily!

I’ve always wanted to take a vintage-style photo with an old camera. Check out this Pentax Spotmatic! This is one of my favorite photos!

Emily has an awesome, intense stare here!

And then switches modes, back to her awesome smile!

Ashli’s Sweet 16!

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Ashli had her Sweet 16! Congratulations Ashli!

Ashli loves Equestrian. She rides with the Greenwood Equestrian Team and wants to continue to pursue equestrian in college!

I love the colors!

At 16 your personality really starts to develop and I wanted to capture her personality with these photos. Ashli has a great smile and laugh!

Look at the rich and crisp dark browns in her eyes!

I love it when people throw their head back when they laugh 🙂

This one is my favorite!

Ashli’s monogram necklace and bracelet are really awesome! I love the many different colors in the stones!

Ashli was a lot of fun to photograph! She’s so friendly and fun to be around!