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Drew and Ashley Carlisle are Married!

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Drew and Ashley are two very close friends of ours! Drew was the best man in our wedding! We became friends to Drew and Ashley while at Erskine College. I would stay up late nights in the dorm working on photos and fun photoshop projects with Drew! He always critiqued my photography and helped shape my style of photography!

Drew and Ashley were friends in college, however were not dating. After they graduated, they both worked in China teaching English as part of the ESL program. Drew and Ashley grew close together and started dating. Drew finished his masters in graphic design at Bob Jones University. Now they are married!

They were wed at Neely’s Creek ARP Church in Rock Hill, SC!

Rock Hill, SC Wedding Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

The ladies had all kinds of fancy hair-dos and of course the guys were looking stylish with their purple ties!

Wedding Photographer in Rock Hill, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

Ashley’s dress is very modern with a collar!

Rock Hill, SC Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

Photographer in Rock Hill, SC | Davey Morgan Photography

Peacock feathers are so colorful! It looks almost like a colorful landscape that the rings are laying on.

Greenville, SC Wedding Photographer | Davey Morgan Photography

The top of Ashley’s bouquet.

Wedding Flower Bouquet | Davey Morgan Photography

Ashley had three flower girls, all very adorable!

Flower Girls | Davey Morgan Photography

And very silly! He he!

Silly Flower Girls and Bride | Davey Morgan Photography

Ashley’s bridesmaids consisted of her two sisters, Drew’s sister, and her friends from high school and college.

Bridesmaids, Flower Girl and Bride | Davey Morgan Photography

What colorful bouquets!

Bride and Bridesmaids Bouquets | Davey Morgan Photography

Beautiful Bride | Davey Morgan Photography

Ashley’s hair is really beautiful!

Bride Close-up | Davey Morgan Photography

Bride Smiling | Davey Morgan Photography

The flower girls were great at throwing the flowers in the air!

Flower girls throwing flowers in the air | Davey Morgan Photography

Drew’s groomsmen are pretty wild and goofy!

Groomsmen Jumping in the Air | Davey Morgan Photography

“No, your cool!”

Groom | Davey Morgan Photography

Drew’s trying out for the Michael Buble’ look-a-like contest.

Cool Groom | Davey Morgan Photography

Do The Robot!

The Robot Dance | Davey Morgan Photography

Drew is actually from Essex Junction, Vermont! Two of his groomsmen were from there too! The rest are from college/grad school and a friend he met in China!

Drew Carlisle | Davey Morgan Photography

Rev. Burklin and Drew must see something beautiful coming down the aisle!

Groom watching bride walk down the aisle | Davey Morgan Photography

Bride walking down the aisle | Davey Morgan Photography

Bride and Groom being wed and married | Davey Morgan Photography

The first kiss!

Bride and Groom's first kiss | Davey Morgan Photography

Bride and Groom sitting on church pew kissing | Davey Morgan Photography

Bride and Groom Looking at Each Other | Davey Morgan Photography

Drew and Ashley arrived at the reception through bubbles! The reception was at Ashley’s house that has a pond and large field beside it!

Bride and Groom running through bubbles at reception | Davey Morgan Photography

Everyone had so much fun at the reception. There was great music with a lot of fun dancing! A lot of guests really know how to dance well! With all the fun everyone was having, you hardly noticed it was pouring rain!

Fun and Crazy Dancing at Wedding Reception | Davey Morgan Photography

Drew and Ashley left with many sparklers lighting the drive way!

Running through sparklers at wedding reception | Davey Morgan Photography

They drove away in the classic VW Bug!

VW Bug as wedding get away car | Davey Morgan Photography

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Ashley and Drew

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Ashley and Drew are two awesome friends of ours so it was an honor to take their engagement photos! Drew was the best man in our wedding!

We started off with an editorial type of shot!

Photographer in Clemson, SC

South Carolina Botanical Gardens

Ashley is from Rock Hill, SC and Drew is from Essex Junction, Vermont!

Clemson, SC Engagement Photos

I really love color! However, all of the white is really beautiful!

Clemson, SC Photographer

I love this photo! You can really see their personalities here!

Creative and Fun Engagement Photos

Dancing, dipping, down the trail, true and sweet love will not fail…

Couple Dancing

Drew needs watering every day.

Rock Hill, SC and Essex Junction, VT Couple Photos

Beautiful spring days are perfect for picnics!

SC Botanical Gardens Picnic

Photographer in Clemson, SC

Very romantic…

South Carolina Botanical Gardens

Photographer in Clemson, SC

Pretty eyes!

Photographer in Clemson, SC

Drew is actually a videographer with Drew Carlisle Productions (864-735-0840)! They video everything from weddings, children and music videos!

Ashley and Drew met at Erskine College. They really grew close to each other teaching English in China for a year together.

Chinese Flag | Blowing Bubbles in a field

So we thought it was necessary to kiss behind the Chinese flag! 🙂

Kissing behind Chinese Flag

Clemson, SC Photographer

We had so much fun taking pictures at the South Carolina Botanical Garden! It’s a wonderful place to have a picnic or go for a walk. Ashley and Drew will be getting married near the end of the summer. Check back for their wedding photos!