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Anna Godfrey

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Anna Tyndall Godfrey

We love taking pictures in nature! There’s something special and timeless about it!

Everything is starting to turn green and flowers are blooming!

Anna has a white dress! You don’t see too many. Most are ivory. Her’s is so beautiful!

I love the flowers on the waist!

Anna is so beautiful!

I love it when the leafs on trees are real tiny, starting to spring through! Anna has such a wonderful smile!

These flowers are awesome!

Look at Anna’s eyes!

I love playing with the sun and lighting!

Her ring!

We went walking through a fun field!


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Olivia’s Bridals

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Olivia wanted to surprise Scott by taking pictures at McEntire Joint National Guard Base in Columbia, SC while he was in Iraq. Scott is a fire fighter at the base!

The firemen weren’t too busy that Monday morning so they joined in for a picture! They really enjoyed sitting there and talking with Olivia.


The firemen also helped Olivia to the top of a firetruck!


After the base, we went to the Horseshoe at USC. There was a beautiful fountain to the side, through an iron gate.



There was also a beautiful rose and flower garden. The brick wall and old window was an awesome backdrop as well!


Olivia was willing to go to the extreme for a picture, climbing on top of fire trucks and walking through thorny bushes. 🙂

Barbara | Bridals

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Barbara loves the way the Wyche Pavilion looks, so we started taking photos there. It’s located behind the Peace Center downtown Greenville, SC. It is actually where Duke’s Mayonnaise started in 1917! Yum! They also used to make carriages there.

The pavilion may not seem like much when you view it from the bridge, however when you get up close it’s immense! There are pretty trees around it which make for fun pictures!


Barbara sat in one of the window seals and peaked around the corner. There was actually some event going on in the pavilion. We went ahead and took pictures. 🙂 We didn’t get kicked out. Actually a lady came up and told us that she could move tables and chairs if they were in our way. He he!


I took a few photos of the details of her dress, like the pretty bow on the back and also a close-up of her really cool earrings!


There was a neat old brick wall beside the pavilion. I love how even though Barbara is very little and in the corner of the photo the light comes through the trees and highlights her to put the spotlight on her.


I asked her to stand on the bridge over the Reedy River and I would stand by the pavilion and take photos from there. There was a pretty fence that had circles in it that I framed her with. The flora on the wall behind the bridge was very pretty also.


Barbara looked very beautiful on the bridge with the sun light coming from behind her.


We went under some trees where the sun was coming through. Barbara looked up into the trees and the light lit up her eyes. I had to get a close-up of her pretty eyes.


The sun was setting over the bridge behind the trees and provided some very cool light! Barbara seemed very peaceful at this moment.


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