We took Marianne’s bridal photos on her family farm. It was very beautiful! The farm was actually owned by the Boyse family until 1912. The farm produced milk and potatoes for Erskine College, my Alma mater. We took a few in front of an old barn. I just love the texture of old wood!



We took these photos in the yard at the side of the house.



These were taken in her front yard where the lighting was really soft and even!


Marianne has amazing bone structure, her cheeks and chin are very well defined. I wanted a picture that really accentuated this. As an added bonus her ring really stands out!


I love the swirls and curly lines on her dress, and the V shape in the back of the dress, it hugs the small of her back, and really compliments her figure.



I always love getting close-ups with people’s eyes!


Her dog joined in on the bridal photos. 🙂


One thing I love about bridal shoots is that no two are the same, and a lot of times I wind up shooting in places I didn’t plan on. When we were driving to meet Marianne we saw tons of awesome spots for pictures, and we made mental notes of where they all were, thinking we might get a couple at the house and then go back to the spots. When we go to Marianne’s we discovered that there were plenty of great places to take photos, and they’d be even more special to her, as the place where she grew up, instead of a random field or something. It’s very important to me that the bride’s pictures be special to her, and if possible, the location have some significance in her life. It adds something special to the photo, almost like a little secret, or story behind it.