Dan and Vanessa | Proposal

Dan took Vanessa to Crowder Mountain State Park in Kings Mountain, NC. Vanessa just thought they were going for a hike up the Backside Trail to the Overlook. When they got to the top, Dan gave puzzle pieces to Vanessa to put together. Each piece represented memories of their lives together. There were messages written on the back of each piece. Written on the back of the last piece was, “The moment I proposed to you” and in parenthesis, (Look Up!) and Dan was on one knee with the ring. Vanessa was ecstatic and filled with joy! She said YES!


The trail they hiked…


Dan and Vanessa always have this connection to each other. They know what the other is thinking and imitate each other in a synchronous and interactive way.


Peace and warmth.



The light was falling through the trees perfectly.


Dan and Vanessa can be very silly. 🙂


Time for a walk.


Skip away!


Here is a video with Dan and Vanessa talking about the proposal.

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One response to “Dan and Vanessa | Proposal”

  1. Milford & Lois Prothe says:

    Dear Dan & Vanessa,

    We’re so happy for you! The pictures are great and we’ll share them with Rachel and Ken tomorrow night! Dan, what a great idea to have the proposal pictures made for your Memory Book!. Vanessa, we’re really looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the family! We’ll keep you in our prayers when you travel to France. Dan, we’d give you both a hug if you were here in person. But congratulations and we send our love!

    Grandpa & Grandma Prothe