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Lynne Holcombe | Musician

Saturday, February 16th, 2013

My friend, Lynne Holcombe, is recording her new album at Sit-N-Spin Recording Studios! It’s going to be amazing, between Matt Morgan recording and Lynne’s beautiful and fun vocals and instrumental skills!

If you want to support Lynne’s new album, visit her IndieGoGo page! Also become a fan of her Facebook page!

Black and whites say it all sometimes! You can sometimes really focus in on a people’s expressions and personalities! Lynne has such depth to her personality!








I love this little spot we found!




Cupcake! 🙂


Lynne is now going to play the worlds smallest violin… I mean banjo! 🙂



Personality! Don’t you love her gloves!?




The roots were really fun!


Lynne’s magical land!





Be sure to check out Lynne’s IndieGoGo and Facebook pages! She’s also on ReverbNation!


Fete Music Extravaganza!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

The Fete Music Extravaganza at Chicora Allley was amazing! There were so many talented musicians, including, Matt Morgan (my brother), Jef Chandler, Niel Brooks, Katie & Larry, Chad Hughes, Mike Bagwell, Jason Owens, Jack DelGado, Dave Galloway, Bill Cox, Marc Gwinn and John Martin! Be sure you don’t miss the next concert!

The colors and lights were awesome! I love concerts with great lighting and light effects!

My brother, Matt Morgan, on the left!

Chicora Alley is always such a great place for a concert! There’s good food, drinks and such a cool atmosphere!

Thanks to Jay Spivey (Fete Magazine) for putting this concert together! Click here to view, order or download the rest of the photos!

Thanks to Jay Spivey (Fete Magazine) for putting this concert together! Click here to view, order or download the rest of the photos!

Watch the band perform part of a song below!

Cover of Click Magazine!

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Our photos of DeLaLuna were featured in the current issue of Click Magazine! One of the photos made the cover and others on pages 16-18!

DeLaLuna is a hispanic pop band located here in Greenville, SC! Johanna and Enrique are such fun people and have an amazing talent! It was so much fun taking their photos at Zen, downtown Greenville!

Purchase their album Despierta Amor on Amazon or iTunes. I also had the honor of creating their album design and artwork!

The album was recorded at my brother’s (Matt Morgan) recording studio, Sit-N-Spin Studios !

View the whole issue below.

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Also check out their music video below and become a fan of their Facebook page !